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5 Steps to A Custom Business Sign That Works

5 Steps to A Custom Business Sign That Works

Don’t waste money on a business sign. Follow these steps to a flawless sign design for your business.

There are many reasons a business would need a custom sign made. Some signs are meant to draw attention to a message you are wanting to communicate. They could be used to raise awareness or warn the public. They are used to attract customers or direct the traffic. Some are informative and some create emotion. Whatever the reason for your sign, these steps will help make sure it works.  Here is a video showing how signs can draw in customers.

Step 1: What Is the Purpose of Your Sign?

Don’t get a head of yourself thinking about sizes and shapes until you consider the purpose of your sign. Custom signs can be used for many different things so make sure you know the purpose. Essentially, this is the “Why” of your sign.

Here are some ways your business could use a custom sign. This is not an all-inclusive list, but it can get you started.

Are you trying to…

  • Identify Your Business
  • Increase Sales
  • Inform the Public
  • Advertise a Product or Service
  • Give Customers Direction
  • Warn People

Step 2: Identify Your Message

Now that you know why you need a sign, now it’s time to identify what you want your sign to say. Knowing your message before you design the sign will help make sure your sign is direct and clear. The best way to do this is to brainstorm. Write down everything that comes to mind.

Here are some questions to get your list started:

  • What adjectives describe my message? (Fun, Warning, Limited Time, Trustworthy…)
  • What words will capture my audience’s attention?
  • What are the important parts of my message? (The type of business, the beneficiary of a fund raiser, the huge savings…)
  • What details are most important? (Prices, Expiration dates, addresses etc.)
  • When your done with your list, combine the ones that are similar. Then pick the ones that are most effective. Once you’ve narrowed it down to what is most important, you can make a slogan or at least enter the design process with some direction.

Step 3: Design Your Sign

This sounds like a bigger task than it actually is. Even if you aren’t an artist, you can still draw your sign. This won’t be your final image but sketching a draft of what you want will give you options. Go step by step so you don’t get overwhelmed:

  1. Start with the shape of the sign. Is it a billboard? Is it shaped like your logo? Is it a banner?
  2. Next, add the copy or slogan. Pick words from your brainstorming list that makes sure your message is being received by the audience. Make sure you chose a font that is easy to read.
  3. Pick the colors that will work best for the lighting of the area and research the colors that psychologically effect our response to the sign.
  4. Add any images or pictures that help convey your message

Keep in mind if you are not the creative type, finding a designer on a freelancing site or even someone you may know who is good with design work could put it together for you pretty quick.

Step 4: Size and Materials

Make sure whatever size you decide on fits the environment of where the sign will be. A poster that promotes a new item in the check-out line will be much less durable than an outdoor sign that directs customers to your parking lot. Make sure your design will be clear on the size you choose and that the materials will last for the duration of the time you plan on using this sign.

Step 5: Find a company that can provide a quality product

There are plenty of companies that can actually get the sign made for you. You can Google a place that is in your area and call at least 3 before you choose one. We recommend this website for a great Dallas sign company if you’re near the DFW area.  Make sure the person has a good understanding of what you are looking for and that they communicate well with you. Make sure the pricing is in your budget and get a few estimates. Don’t always choose the cheapest option. Go with the company that you feel most confident will give you the end result you are looking for. You might spend a little more but it will be worth it to get it right the first time.

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The Importance of a Quality Sign

The Importance of a Quality Sign

With e-commerce being all the rage these days, you’d think that having a brick and mortar business would be a thing of the past, but you’d be wrong. There is a significant section of the consuming public who still like to be able to physically see and hold the product they want to buy. Having said that, though, that doesn’t mean that you can just set up shop in any old building, stick a roughly painted sign outside and wait for the customers. Image is everything in business, and your sign can make or break your store’s image.

If you’re still not convinced, though, here’s 3 reasons why a good quality sign is an essential for your brick-and-mortar business:

1. First impressions are everything

Remember being told that when you were going into a job interview? That dressing smartly was a key part of getting a job due to the first impressions? The same applies to your store. First impressions will almost always be what people go on when judging something, and a customer’s first impression of your store is typically its sign. Think about the difference between a store that has no sign, or a poor quality sign, compared to one that has a well-designed, well-written sign? Which one would you rather go to?

2. Your sign is your business card

Whether you like the fact that people will judge you on your sign or not, it will happen, but it’s not just on the physical state of the sign that they will judge you. Much like a business card, how it’s written, the font choice, color scheme, and the overall design will send messages to your customers, and the outside world, about what kind of business you are, and what your attitude to the business is. It’s important to write for the reader when creating your sign, make sure the grammar and spelling are correct, and that it’s easy to tell at a glance what your business is and does.

3. Without a sign, you’re just another building

Whilst there’s a certain attraction to the idea of just relying on word-of-mouth and online advertising to bring people to your store, very viral style, most customers want a business to be easy to find and easy to distinguish. A sign is the easiest way to get some free exposure and to attract potential new customers in and without it, they will either think you’re not open, not a business or that you simply don’t care enough to bother. Either way, you’re letting potential customers literally walk by your front door.

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